Avi Grodberg

Mr. Avi Grodberg has been a partner in the firm since 1995.
Mr. Grodberg heads the Real Estate and Tax Department of the firm. Throughout his many years in practice, Mr. Grodberg has acquired extensive experience in all kinds of real estate transactions, and a particular expertise in business and legal planning, and execution of large-scale transactions, characterized by intricate tax aspects.
Mr. Grodberg is recognized nationally as an expert in the field of real estate taxation, and his numerous clients receive continuous legal advice, and to the extent necessary, are represented in legal proceedings against the Israeli tax authorities, with an aim to ensure the most economic tax planing in connection with each client’s respective transaction.
Mr. Grodberg also has particular expertise in ‘vacate & build’ transactions and in  the relevant tax aspects of this kind of transactions. Among his clients are several prominent entrepreneurs in this field.
Mr. Grodberg represents a large number of leading entrepreneurs and contractors and accompanies his clients in construction projects of industrial parks, trade centers, hotels and gas stations, and various kinds of real estate transactions ranging from sale and lease transactions to construction and combination projects, and purchase group projects.    
Mr. Grodberg graduated from the Tel Aviv University Law School in 1993 (LL.B., Magna cum Laude) and in 1995 (LL.M.).
Languges: Hebrew (fluent), English (fluent).

Email: avig@kg-law.co.il

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